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Stone Telling is going live, and is already gorgeous! Check out the logo art - I am so glad to be introduced to M.K.Churlenis's work.

The zine will be open to submissions from June 14th to August 14th for the inaugural issue.  rose_lemberg is committed to the first four issues of the (quarterly) ezine, and is looking for literary speculative poems with a strong emotional core.  Snippet from the guidelines:

STYLE: there are no style limitations, but rhymed poetry will be a hard sell. Please try me with visual poetry, prose poetry, and other genre-bending forms. I will consider experimental poetry, but please remember that not all experimental poems are easy to represent in an e-zine format...


This is going to be scrumptious and it's going to bend my brain in new ways, so I'm thrilled.  And I know I'm hoping my poetry brain produces something awesome to submit there!

All this via rose_lemberg , of course.
Linky to her launch post!

* What happens after year 1 will depend on how it goes.

ETA: please note that as someone dealing with chronic illness, a professorship, and an autistic child, Rose has to move fast or not at all on stuff, and would prefer that it not be remarked on.
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