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16 June 2010 @ 02:23 pm
This is what I've been doing instead of everything I should be doing, today.  (Once I've done some of it I should have a Real post, too...)
It's really elsmi 's fault for challenging me into turning it into a sonnet.

Anyone recognize references? (I'd be very amused to hear which ones if so)!

I've crossed the ice field bright and hard as death,
I've played the game that's never just a game
I've faced the spider, called on Elbereth,
and learned the shadow-wizard shares my name.

I've taken tea with kindly Mr. Long,
I broke a chocolate pot to stop a fiend
I fought the queen of elfland, song for song
and saved my love from her unholy teind.

I've been transformed -- a villain to a tree;
the serpent's daughter, wind, a harp of bone,
a hybrid alien, the changeling sea,
a dada girl, a troll turned into stone.

And I've been hope -- to win a game in hell
by claiming all may yet be very well.

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16 June 2010 @ 07:01 pm
1) Mythic Delirium's featured poems from the Goblin Delirium issue are up, along with art and audio recordings, and one of the pomes is mine! (and the other one's totally awesome).

1a) And! As an extra bonus, the English and Arabic versions of tithenai's Rhysling-award-winning Song for an Ancient City are also up on the feature page!

2) Clockwork Phoenix 3 is up for pre-order! at B&N (and at Amazon, which I don't link to any more cause of repeated Fail.)

3) Nira and I is being translated! (And not for April Fools either) Into Hebrew, for Chalomot Be'aspamia! I am certain there's a more professional way to say that but I'm too excited to figure it out.
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