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25 June 2010 @ 01:13 pm
This is a followup to the misnamed poll a couple days ago (I can't keep crowdsourcing and crowdfunding distinct in my head). Anyway! I am not sure if crowdfunding poems will work, but I'm going to try it for a week or two and see how it goes.

(This is just the plan, btw; I'll make another post today to announce the start etc).

Clarifications (to questions that came up in the last post):

1) The amount is not per-donor, it's total. So if 10 people chip in a dollar, then yes, that counts as $10 :)

2) I will not offer rough drafts. I will not offer poems that should be trunked. I will not offer poems that I've sent everywhere possible and failed to sell, though I may offer poems that I've sent a few places, if I believe they were bounced for reasons of fit rather than quality.

I will only offer a poem if it is a) done and b) of quality comparable to my published work.
(For minimum standards, here are the last three poems I was happy enough with to post, but not about to try selling.)

(Context: Since about March, I haven't had the energy to send anything out at all unless there's an obvious potential fit with markets I know and love, or unless someone says SEND IT TO X! Because, health.)

2b) I may still post rough drafts under lock. They will have nothing to do with this :)


I'll post to tell you a little about each poem I offer, so that I'm not asking you to fund them blind.

I was surprised that so many of you care about poem length! I'm personally most impressed with very short poems that aren't slight, because I can't write them. (And I happen to think most of the long spec poems I've read need serious pruning). HOWEVER since you do care, here's what I figure I'll do:

If I'm funded by noon on the relevant day, Pacific time, I will post a poem every Monday and Thursday while the Clarion 2010 workshop runs. That's for the next 6 weeks, starting Monday.

If I don't meet threshold, I'll send the poem to all donors, but will not post it, and will not continue to offer it.

I'll do this on the honor system -- if you donate, post the amount in comments to the latest relevant post or send me email at shweta @ shwetanarayan dot org. I do need to know amounts in order to figure out if I've reached threshold.

For a short poem (under 25 lines), my funding threshold will be $10. For a long poem (25 lines or longer) it'll be $20. All donations go to the Clarion Foundation, and I will match donations up to $150.

Be aware, though, that credit card fees eat about 30c of each transaction, so if you send in a dollar Clarion will get a bit less than 70c. So a larger single donation helps Clarion more, though it won't affect what I'm offering.
So here's my first crowdfunding attempt, and that start my project to raise some money for Clarion. (Overall plan here.)

This is a rhyming poem in six quatrains, very loosely based on the kyrielle form. I wrote it for tithenai 's birthday, and am offer it with her permission. Yes, I write dirges for birthdays, go figure :)

This poem is 24 lines long it counts as short, which means I'll post it if you guys donate $10 to Clarion between you, by noon on Monday June 28th, Pacific time.
And! First quatrain and two words are free!

Courted: a dirge

When ice -- mere lace on tree and bone
fills up the cracks and cracks the stone
whose splinter-clouds rain bloody bright
against the queen of winter's white

you'll know --


But to know what you'll know, you'll have to donate :)

So here's the deal! What you can do:

1) Donate! Clicky on the link and follow the directions there -- that's for paypal or credit cards.

(Note: all these transactions eat 30 cents, so Clarion will get 30 cents or so less than you send. I'm not going to take that into account, either for counting my threshold or for matching the amount, but you might want to.)

2) Post here or email me at shweta @ shwetanarayan dot org to tell me a) that you've donated (so that you will definitely get the poem, whether or not I reach the $10 goal!) and b) how much you donated (so that I know where I'm at).

3) If you can't spare the money but do want to see the poem, signal boosting is most welcome & will make it more likely :)

4) You could donate and signal boost of course!
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