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28 June 2010 @ 09:40 am
Clarion 2010 has started -- and we've made the funding threshold for Courted: a dirge, with some extra rolling over for the next poem!

So -- here it is, posted a litle early because I'll be in a car at noon.

(ETA: tithenai  darlingly provided the title; I still didn't have one for it as of last week.)

Courted: a dirge
for Amal
When ice -- mere lace on tree and bone
fills up the cracks and cracks the stone
whose splinter-clouds rain bloody bright
against the queen of winter's white
you'll know -- by footprints on her skin
by frostbite -- by your pulse's din;
through ice-shard winds you'll stumble to
the queen of winter's rendezvous.
Neither love, this, nor abduction;
deathly beauty -- harsh seduction --
gem-hard, frozen firecrest
adorns the queen of winter's breast
and from some cigarette in bed
her heat will dance,  and wail, and spread
From trees to town to fire station --
winter queen's illumination.
All night long you'll keep your tryst
breathe out your warmth to make her mist
'round bodies, blackened walls -- and you
-- the queen of winter's rightful due.
While any blood runs through your heart
you'll do your captivated part;
past shivering -- past cold -- adrift
upon the queen of winter's gift.
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28 June 2010 @ 02:35 pm
Yay for meeting the first threshold! The second poem is now on offer.

This is a non-rhyming poem in 5 stanzas.  The title word, Ghosha, is Sanskrit; its meanings include both brass, bellmetal and (my paraphrase) chaotic or tumultuous noise.  Which seems like a good word for the first week of Clarion!

This one's an SF poem, of sorts.  It's 33 lines long, so it's in my "long poem" category, and its funding threshold is $20. But! We're $9 into that already, due to rollover from the previous poem, so it only needs another $11.

And here's your teaser *grin*

System error, Devi says
soft as incense


What you can do to see the rest:

1) Donate! Clicky on the link and follow the directions there -- that's for paypal or credit cards.

(Note: all these transactions eat 30 cents, so Clarion will get 30 cents or so less than you send. I'm not going to take that into account, either for counting my threshold or for matching the amount, but you might want to.)

2) Post here or email me at shweta @ shwetanarayan dot org to tell me a) that you've donated (so that you will definitely get the poem, whether or not I reach the $20 goal!) and b) how much you donated (so that I know where I'm at).

3) If you can't spare the money but do want to see the poem, signal boosting is most welcome & will make it more likely :)

4) You could donate and signal boost of course!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful