July 1st, 2010


Ghosha (funded!)

We met the second threshold so quickly (thanks to redbird !) that I totally lost track of time.  Oops.

So er, a couple hours late, here's Ghosha, poem #2 in my crowdfunding for clarion drive :)   This really is as skiffy as I get, I think.


System error, Devi says
soft as incense
Titanium arms
  (red with reflected silk
   turmeric-daubed brass
       gears machine oil slick, anointed
   with drops of sesame)
of blessing.
Another child tugs
on a gold-edged sari, points high
at the bell
Father tends the smoking fire, the chants
camphor.  I know software. He believes
    in cell phones, supplicants,
-- Mine.  How do I tell him I searched
 her code, found
    a lexicon
        and blank eternity?
I lift the child
from his mother's shaking
hands.  The brass bell
reflects us monstrous. 
He pushes
giggles at the clang, coughs
Devi's kohl-lined camera eyes whirr,
focus.  System,
    she tells me,


Poem-for-Clarion offer 3 -- Ekwiiyemak / Behind the Clouds

Second threshold's met!  and poems 1 and 2 are posted!  #3 is now on offer.

Ekwiiyemak is 11 lines long, making it probably the shortest thing I will offer.  It's also not spec really.  I think everything else will be, so this is very much my "Now for something completely different" :)

Its threshold is $10, therefore, and we're already $4 towards that!  Only $6 to go!

And!  Since it seems silly to post a teaser for something 11 lines long, lemme tell you a little about it instead.

Teaser substitute:
The poem comes out of an impression (pun intended) that I had when elsmi and I went hiking in the Cuyamaca mountains last year.  We were heading up a mountain, probably closer to dark than we should have, and we found pawprints in the snow.  Clear, gorgeous, huge cat pawprints.

It is mountain lion territory.

We still hiked.  And got back down the mountain as the sun was going down.  It was simultaneously gorgeous and deeply unnerving, so poetry happened.  Annnnd got edited, and edited, and edited.  This may be the hardest I've worked on a poem, trying to get a sensory impression across in very few words.

The name Cuyamaca is from Kumeyaay Ekwiiyemak, which means "behind the clouds" (according to Margaret Langdon's translation, which I trust).

What you can do to see this poem:

1) Donate! Clicky on the link and follow the directions there -- that's for paypal or credit cards.

(Note: all these transactions eat 30 cents, so Clarion will get 30 cents or so less than you send. I'm not going to take that into account, either for counting my threshold or for matching the amount, but you might want to.)

2) Post here or email me at shweta @ shwetanarayan dot org to tell me a) that you've donated (so that you will definitely get the poem, whether or not I reach the $10 goal!) and b) how much you donated (so that I know where I'm at).

3) If you can't spare the money but do want to see the poem, signal boosting is most welcome & will make it more likely :)

4) You could donate and signal boost of course!