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05 July 2010 @ 11:36 am
You guys are so awesome that not only is this poem funded, the next three are too!  I'm still not posting poems more than twice a week, but I'll be making a special make-shweta-sweat offer after this poem *grins*

Ekwiiyemak/Behind the Clouds

Sky pours down
chases shadow-fingers, pools
copper in cupped-snow

 bigger than hands.  Ice wind breathes

at your back, purple shadows
    full with eyes --
slit-pupil challenge

to the stalking sun.

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So you guys!  We currently have a bit over $125$150 in donations, before the matching that dormouse_in_tea  and I are doing!  This means that the next three four poems (two long, one two short) are fully funded, and (since some people have pledged an amount per poem) all the rest are partially funded -- and there is even a chance we'll go over the threshold I'd been aiming for (namely, $30 a week for one long poem and one short poem).

But wait, you're saying.  Why would we bother to go over threshold?  Well!  Here is the pledge:  I shall post one cross-cultural tarot sonnet* for every $10 you guys put in over the final threshold of $180. As many as possible will be in my final week-6 post, but I'm not going to post anything that's not good enough, so if I don't manage I'll just keep going till I've given you guys your money's worth.

Of course, we still need more pledges to make the final threshold, let alone go over it, but I am optimistic, so I'd better get cracking :D

* Like these:  Triumph XVIII: Maya, Triumph XVII: Katha, Triumph XII: Tapah.
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