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08 July 2010 @ 10:52 am
Here's Little Love, which is probably as sciency as I get.
At 46 lines long, It's I believe the longest piece I'll be posting.

I'm pretty sure this is the only one a number of you will have seen before, since I posted draft 1 under lock. The final version's different enough that I'm okay posting it again here :)

Since people asked re: the locked draft, I've put in some context/explanatory notes below the poem in lj-cut. So if you prefer not to have anything explained, you'll want to stop reading after the poem itself.


Little love

I see you, little love
tiny steps ungainly
wobble-grab at the ground so close
your chubby fingers scooping fetid mud
to mouth

Your nine-toothed smile to catch my heart
Your easy lie, No, Mama --
and that dimple in your grimy cheek
to twist

Open your mouth, little love.
Show me mud between baby teeth. Show me truth.

-- but truth does not stop for mothers
and in the mud is floating grit and every piece of grit a world of
smaller specks and smaller and in the smallest dancers
spherical harmonics

whirl close
into mud into me into
worlds into stars overfull
of dance
into the long red-shifting cold. I see fleeting planets
spin, warp, cut
in imperfect time
mothers, heart-twisted all
bidding you open
your mouth, little love.
Open your

And truth does not stop for mothers and in every you is the grit and the dancers' icy Om
sings our clouded lives
our deaths so little

O my love, the smallest cloud holds
tightest to its dancing child

When you shut your truth behind baby teeth
specked with mud
and stars

we hold you tight in tearstained
heart-twisted joy
that you love us
enough to be little
and to lie.


Explanatory notes.Collapse )

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08 July 2010 @ 11:02 am
This will be brief cause I was up reading Megan Whalen Turner's A Conspiracy of Kings till :mumblemumble: last night, even though I knew I had to be up early today. WHY I thought I could put a book of hers down halfway is entirely beyond me.  It doesn't even happen on rereads.  Of the short stories.

Annnyway right, funding.  Where we currently are: we are $8 short of complete OVER (minimum) funding!  For just that much more, I shall be posting something every mon/thurs for the rest of Clarion.
ETA: Funding link HERE sorry for forgetting it!  

That minimum is $170, for one short and one long pome every week except the last (when I'll post two short pieces if we don't get further).  Buuut I'm really hoping we'll get to $200 from you guys, which, together with my and dormouse_in_tea 's matching, will get us to $500 for Clarion!  Which will be made of utter big-round-number win.

So!  For every $10 after that minimum goal I shall be posting a culture-blending tarot sonnet, akin to previously-published pieces Triumph XVIII: Maya, Triumph XVII: Katha, and Triumph XII: Tapah.  

I have three of these already written.  One will be my last poem if we make the $170 goal.  So if you get to $200, I hafta write another one.  And anything after that will really make me sweat, cause these critters are not easy :)

ETA: $3 away from posting 3 tarot sonnets at the moment!
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Aqueduct press is a small, feminist press, and it is made of win.  It's the publisher of nisi_la 's Tiptree-winning short story collection Filter House and her wonderful resource (co-authored with Cynthia Ward) Writing The Other: A practical approach.

I can personally recommend these two books cause I've actually you know read them (I managed to misplace my other Aqueduct books while moving, so have yet to get to them). But y'know, the awesome quotient in the other 48 is undoubtedly high too!

Via Jeff Vandermeer, who explains better than I can why the best way to celebrate this is to post and to buy Aqueduct Press books :)
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