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15 July 2010 @ 05:05 pm
Sorry the poem's late -- I got caught up in reading Family Man diss research, remembered on the way home, then --- was offline because of a thunderstorm.
Yes.  There is a thunderstorm here.  In SoCal.  It's hot and humid and feels like some other climate zone entirely.

Anyway!  Another poem that probably needs no explanation.  It's a sonnet, so, short and rhyming. 

Mentor's lament
I'll lead the kid away from all he knows,
I'll dangle story threads before his hands
With mystic wisdom, show him where he stands,
with spell or sabre, field the early blows.
I'll be there when calamity first hits
to guide his frightened footsteps through the night;
to show him where to hide, and how to fight
and when to trust adrenalin and wits
I'll be that shoulder when he needs to cry,
the stone to hone him dagger-bright and keen
his storyteller, setting every scene --
and once he's ready?  That's my cue to die.
    And all so that my fledgling may prevail --
    when once, I was the hero of my tale.


I think that makes this meta-commentary week.

Funding update: We're up to three! previously unpublished tarot sonnets.  That's as many as I had written.  If you want me furiously writing and erasing, another $8 donated to Clarion will achieve this :)

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