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22 July 2010 @ 11:16 am
Here's a long one, 36 lines long.  Based on a not-actually-fictional quality of the new place!
I wrote it a couple weeks ago when emily_jiang was visiting to say hi to (and feed) clarionites, and she and I had a midnight till *mumble a.m.* gossip and poem-writing fest :)

Also:, funding update: We're holding steady at three previously unpublished tarot sonnets; you guys have 2 weeks to make me write more.  If you want me furiously writing and erasing, another $8 donated to Clarion will achieve this -- and it will also get us to a communal donation of $500 (including all the matching).  Would that not ROCK?


My house runs dark

My house runs dark with spider sisters
    world weavers, bold, quick,
anonymous.  They dart
from stillness
I crumple webs

    -- fray their body-lace
with cloth unwoven,
candle flame, eyes
to pattern-shimmer traps.  They run
to me
I wipe down corners
windowsills, thoughts
I call my own, and I
am trapped.

        They know
I catch my tiny sisters
under glass, under steel,
under cups bright as baby toys.  I ward
my sisters in circle-
    stories woven
on white paper
I call my own.  I am a web. 
I toss them out past glass, stone
          sticky strands of mine

     and I stare
        by sun-glint on Maya
patterns body-woven
where they fell

    unwalled, I see
and know

my house runs dark.

Current Mood: cheerfulspiders!