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27 July 2010 @ 04:33 pm
Keeping this quick cause saving wrists but... is the "you" in my last poem necessarily female?

I'm wondering if that's the assumption because of something in the poem itself, or because of the story tropes I'm drawing on & not contradicting.  I sort of tried to avoid obviously gendered/heteronormative imagery, but that doesn't mean I actually got any real ambiguity.

Basically if it's implying a specifically straight-female experience, I'd love to know how so I can be more aware of it.

ETA: In case it's not clear, I'm only trying to be more aware of what I've been doing unconsciously; I'm not trying to poke at you guys for what/how I'm communicating.

ETA2: My conclusion so far is that the poem doesn't have any one strongly gendered image, but rather a lot of weakly gendered cues that combine with societal defaults, fairy tale defaults, and reader-knowledge about me, to evoke a particular image.  And, I already knew this but seem to have to keep re-learning it, ambiguity simply isn't when there's context strongly pointing one way.
Not that I specifically wanted to write from a gay male perspective in this one, but when I do, I shall hopefully remember some of this :)

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