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29 July 2010 @ 11:13 am
We are now funded for over $500 including matching, and for 6 tarot sonnets at the end of next week.

And I've been putting off signal-boosting classmates etc cause I haven't had the spoons to look up everyone.  Incomplete signal boost post to follow, though, cause it's week five already!

Not much else here.  Still sick,  Poem!  Long poem.  31 lines.


1. Maiden
Dreaming dead
in seven crystal coffins
or seventeen, anything odd
anything lying
You, necrophilic
knock out
the comb and kiss out the apple
and guess her name and walk her
        off the cliff
into grey water blue water black
as her eyes
or she, lying, walks
2. Witch
makes you wish she would show
her threefold face
or lie
You see her
curse and favor in all
our blue water black water eyes
3. Fey
adrift and anew and aflit and another and not in the coffin at all
and look! she has painted your puppets
to life, your green apples golden
your gold apples rotten
your years to mist
your seventeen walls into
while you
stared into her

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Just posted the second-last poem before the sonnet-off, and realized I haven't said -- I have awesome Clarion classmates and friends from other years, you guys, and some of them are write-a-thonning.  Sponsors can win cool prizes.  So if you've been holding out & intend to fund Clarion stuff, let me point you a couple places :)

I know I should have said this before, but knowing I'd miss someone gave me cold feet.  So this is incomplete.  It's going to be even worse than it could be cause of asthma/memory foo.
Anyone who I miss -- or if I've missed your incentives -- please do post in comments & I'll copy to the main post.

januaryhat is offering incentives if you sponsor her for the writeathon, ranging from weird postcards (and her notion of weird is pretty off the wall!) to silver pickle fork bracelets: 

Jan also gives us boobieships and titrockets for FREE!

I'm not finding other extra incentives, beyond, you know, the official prizes & the chance to read stories, but Jan's 'n my classmates Kater Cheek, Justin Whitney, Julie Andrews, Matt Cody, Jerome Stueart, and Kari O'Connor are participating too!  Drop a little money each way and you'll get a good idea of why I love my class so much :)

And!  So are several of our instructors, so if you want to see a new Karen Joy Fowler novel sooner or be a character in a Gregory Frost novel, you know what to do.

Also! Clarionite-friends Keffy Kehrli (kehrli ) Emily Jiang (emily_jiang ) Deirdre Saoirse Moen (dsmoen ), and Mishell Baker (http://mishellbaker.wordpress.com/) are participating!
Current Mood: blahwheezy
29 July 2010 @ 09:46 pm
Via boingboing:

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