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05 August 2010 @ 11:42 am
Final Clarion-crowdfunding-poem post! (er, barring a possible followup asking for overall feedback...)  Clarion's nearly done; how weird.  And you guys funded SIX tarot sonnets, of which I had written three.  So!  I wrote three more for you :)
Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the poems!

The six I'm posting are more traditionally: 0: The Fool, I: The Magician, II: The High Priestess, VIII: Strength (or Justice, but I prefer the decks where VIII is Strength & XI is Justice), IX: The Hermit, and XIV: Temperance. 
In my version they're Rupaka (form), Avatar (incarnation), Vidhya (wisdom), Shakti (strength,power, motive force), Manas (mind), and Sarpa (snake).
My couplet spacing is as eccentric as my associations, I'm afraid.

XII: Tapah, XVII: Katha, and XVIII: Maya are already online. At the rate I'm going, I'll have all the major arcana done by, oh, 2013 sometime...


Sonnets behind a cut-for-extreme-lengthCollapse )
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