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12 August 2010 @ 12:26 pm
Update: It's looking like he might come home as early as tonight!  Thanks so much for the support, you guys, and fingers crossed...

ETA: elsmi's being daunted by dealing with people he doesn't already know, so while I really appreciate the offers from friends of friends, I can't take you up on them.  Also, since there are people we know at the conference, he's extra-anxious not to be a bother to people we don't know.

It's just, if someone I at least do know is around, and I can make the requests, then he doesn't have to use up his very limited spoons grabbing conference folk to ask them stuff....

([info]voidmonster posted this below, but hopefully it will actually update here at some point...)

Hey all,

Trying to figure out if I know anyone in Portland, OR, who'd be willing to check in on elsmi.  He's there for a conference, except he's been quite unwell since yesterday.

If you are and would be willing, do please let me know?

We're not sure yet if I should fly up or if he'll be able to come home soon, but are discussing it.  And he's not completely alone, cause there are other UCSD folks sharing the hotel room, and other people he knows at the conference. 
But... well, they're at the conference.  And I'd be so much happier if he wasn't effectively alone, with everything being hard to do.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious