September 13th, 2010


Cog Sci Tarot

I just looked over elsmi's shoulder; and the website he was looking at, the Salk Vision Center Laboratory, had images down the left. A couple examples:

These are obviously Cognitive Science Tarot cards. The suits are Vision (Newton & Hubel & Wiesel) and Paradigms (Helmholtz).

So we came up with the following:

XV: Inattention Blindness. If only you looked at these chains, you'd see they couldn't possibly hold you down. But you're foveating on something else entirely.

XVI: Cognitive Dissonance. Painful as this sensation is, the conflict between your ideas is what will lead you to synthesis and growth.

XXI: Anchoring. You've found illumination -- a new, brighter shade of thought. Now you think your new discovery is white, and what you thought was white before looks grey.