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15 September 2010 @ 12:27 pm


(...why are you still here?)

Okay mostly I am speechless today (though not squeechless) but I must note that the picture accompanying my poem Nagapadam is of my friend Kalpana Raghuraman, who is an absolutely wonderful dancer. She's also, coincidentally, friends with Mohan and Sangeetha Ayyar, who did the wonderful music (and tech help for the music) on the audio for The Bone Harp Sings Nine Moods. Small world!
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15 September 2010 @ 04:05 pm
Anti-immigrant, assimilationist if-they-don't-pass-as-white-it's-their-fault rage-inducing xenophobic BULLSHIT warning.

Thanks, Ms. Moon. I loved The Speed of Dark, but now you're joining Harlan Ellison in the Box of Shame.

Anyone I recommended that book to? Unrecommended.

Via maevele.

ETA: Just emailed the Wiscon concom about her being a GoH next year, and how I am NOT okay with that in light of this. No idea if it'll accomplish anything, of course, but it does make me feel uncomfortable/unsafe (and I'm not Muslim, it's got to be a tiny tiny fraction of how she's hurting directly-affected folk) so.

Going off the Wiscon contact page, since I wasn't sure who to write to, I wrote to concom35 [at] wiscon [dot] info.

<ETA2 So apparently people with less fuzzy brains can parse more of that post than I can, and it's EVEN WORSE than I thought. Wow. Apparently Ms Moon thinks the European settlers here were happy community-builders who were welcomed with open arms and... assimilated... or something. Also that the Native people of this continent don't exist?
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15 September 2010 @ 10:54 pm
And surely it is not news to pretty much everyone here. But.

Multiple choice question. If you are in a privilege group, and someone else in your privilege group says something you find reasonable, but people not in that privilege group find it oozing offensive privilege, then, as an ally do you [ETA: ideally]:

(a) Tell the person who is offended/upset that they are overreacting and being mean to the person of privilege [possibly with use of a violent metaphor].
(b) Tell them that naming a form of privilege is bigoted because it singles out a group.
(c) Explain that you're confused, so the person who is offended/upset should drop everything to explain this to you.
(d) Try to figure out what you're missing. Possibly look some stuff up. Possibly ask the upset person what's going on, but in a way that doesn't presuppose that they are {"just angry"/hysterical/irrational}.

I'm getting rather more (a) (b) and (c) of late than I expect or wish to deal with. My resources are far too limited for me to spend time and energy on non-allies. I have immense admiration for the people who can manage it, but I am not currently one of them.

So let me just note that if your answer isn't (d), it is probably a waste of your time to talk to me at this point.

ETA: Just a note: I'm not saying anyone has to be perfect or anything, gods know I'm not; just -- if you think you are entirely entitled to (a), (b), or (c) and don't see why they'd bother me (aside from my obvious angry-brown-woman hysteria!) -- then just, please, don't. The internet is a big place. There are more welcoming spaces for that attitude than my lj.
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