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16 September 2010 @ 04:22 pm
I can say with confidence that Stone Telling is made of utter win. I love it all -- Rose's intro, the poems (and their placement), the articles. I learned something new from every one*. They made learning a joy.
[ETA: How did I miss the photographs? I love the photographs. esp. the ones I had something to do with finding *grins*]

And I'm finding its Win all the more important now. It really helps just now to have something that, apart from being beautiful -- visually, lingustically, speculatively -- utterly undermines the bigoted notion that some viewpoints are inherently valid and others are "allowed" to exist because of "forbearance".

So. Yeah. I'm so very grateful for Stone Telling, especially just now.

Oh! And!

Started comment threads on the poetry and the non-fiction. Do come say what you thought! It's not that we're neurotic writers who think that nobody loves us if nobody says anything actually it is.


*Even mine! I learned while writing it that the Tamil word for "earthworm" is Nagapuchi, which translates as snake-bug.
...Okay, granted, I learned more important things from the others.
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