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If you haven't seen the glorious inaugural issue of Stone Telling, it's probably not for lack of my squeeing over it, but I figure it doesn't hurt to link again.

Anyway! As well as being my wonderful shiny to ward off the Fail at the moment, Stone Telling is also open for submissions again!

Oh and! For anyone who would like to see more of the shiny and help it exist, that link also has a donation button -- now that issue one exists as proof of concept. Rose has a breakdown on what she'd like to spend the money on, too (like, oh, paying columnists!)

So, um, new lj friends, any of you write (and/or read) poetry? *grin*

(I know I have a piece I just need to get as-perfect-as-possible before I send it in....)

ETA: And you should see what Le Guin has to say about issue 1!
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