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I feel like a truant, posting about cool stuff when I "should" be either working on my diss or responding to comments. But frankly, I need more shiny right now, and I want to think about poetry :)

So, disclaimers:
1) I hope to get to every poem (not by me) in this issue, but I don't know if I'll manage; if I don't, it won't be lack of love for poems. I also probably won't write as much about the other poems as this one, because rose_lemberg shared this one with me early so I've been pondering it longer.
2) These aren't critical reviews; I don't have the distance from Stone Telling to do a proper review. I'm just responding, very much from my own perspective as a newbie poet, to poems I think I can learn from.
3) Spoons allowing I shall post about the articles too, but they'll come after the poems because I'm not trying to be a better article writer per se.
4) This is really not worth reading unless you've read the poem and want thinky-thoughts. If analysis kills your poetry joy, please don't read!

And, poem link: The Elders at the Falls, Ursula K. Le Guin

On that note, thinking about poetry.Collapse )

Overall -- and this is more general, but ties into my thoughts about the Le Guin poem, so I'll say it now -- I think calling this a strong first issue, while true, misses the point, because that implies it's just like other strong poetry issues we've got. And it's not. Yes, it's succulent like Goblin Fruit, unsettling like Mythic Delirium, and reaching like The Journal of Mythic Arts was; but it is not any of these zines. It speaks its own, in-between courage, poking at shadows, terrible silences, the assumed price of comfort.

I understand Issue 2* will be more light-hearted (My bad, that's issue 3). I suspect that it'll challenge us (readers and writers both!) just as interestingly! And I understand I'd best get through this issue before it comes out...

* Open to subs now!
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