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02 October 2010 @ 06:13 pm
We did make it to the building complex Conjecture was held at.
We had no way to know where in the complex it was at, though. After being told it wasn't there at all, going back to the old hotel, verifying it wasn't there either, coming back, calling caprine, getting as-better directions as she could manage over the phone at 10am, wandering through some kind of young-evangelicals zone, and (me) having an asthma attack start, we gave up.

All of this happened with me being stared at like I was scary, btw, cause I was steampunked up a bit. Oh, San Diego.

Open note to the concom: This is why maps are useful. Vague directions = not people friendly in general, but especially = not disability/illness friendly.


To the extent possible, rest of the day was fun- used inhalor, so got to see kirizal and voidmonster and voidmonster's awesome first publication, in print. And got to celebrate sales at Extraordinary Desserts.

But also got to crash majorly around 3pm and fail to get up till a bit ago and not really be up to anything whatsoever brainful today. So yeah, still mostly a bust.


ETA: On a different faily note, we overshot our exit and had to come back through a border patrol checkpoint.
The three cars in front of us got waved through. Guess what happened with us. And guess which of us was primarily being checked and questioned abruptly. While having an asthma crash.
Current Mood: apatheticwheezy