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04 October 2010 @ 07:26 pm
Dear internets,

Please excuse Shweta from attendance for the next few days. There is one more thing wrong with her body and it is not itself terrible (currently asymptomatic and pretty treatable), but it is one thing (or maybe five) too many, and it's coming on the heels of two asthma attacks in two days, so she needs to spend a little time feeling sorry for herself before she can deal with other human beings.

She'll be back cause she's addicted to you, but first she's going to spend a few days drinking hot chocolate & reading comfort-fiction, to which end she has novels by otterdance and nojojojo and Alaya Johnson and Sharon Shinn, and also Raina Telgemeier's graphic novel Smile.

Shweta's iota of good sense.

PS cheering and co-signing to the Carl Brandon Society statement re: the E. Moon controversy, just couldn't get the blog-comment thingy to work.

Current Mood: annoyedhad enough