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06 October 2010 @ 04:23 pm
I'm coming out of my hole for a mo to say this:

You don't know shit about Kali. She is not in fact your bitch.

You prove your utter ignorance by claiming She holds malice.
Of. All. Things.
That's even more idiotic than saying She's on your side.

I advise you, quite seriously, to have a care. Watch your arrogance. She may have infinite mercy, but that doesn't mean She never makes use of teaching moments. They aren't nice.


PS Kali is not a pokemon, either. Just so you know. You can collect all Her images you like, but that's not a win condition.

ETA:PPS Of course, given your documented trans-hatred and abuse of trans women, I wouldn't have posted a warning if I thought you'd listen.
I'll have popcorn.
Current Mood: bitchyrage