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11 October 2010 @ 11:32 am
I'm coming down with yet another cold. This one is not allowed to last more than 10 days, because if it does I'll miss seeing mrissa later this month.

So, pulling out all the immune defense stops on this one, even if zinc lozenges do make me nauseous and unable to eat much. And going to be utterly self-indulgent aside from that today, so there may be a new Stone Telling post today :)
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Well, it's taken me less than a month of on and off pondering (at least, less than a month from writing out thoughts about The Elders at the Falls) to have coherent thoughts about the second poem in Stone Telling issue 1.

(Signal boost: ST is now open for subs again! I have subbed two poems this time, have you?)

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Poem link! Fatigue of the Marionettes, Karen Neuberg

cut for long-ass poetry discussion, also spoilers.Collapse )


...Well. That got shorter at the end. Probably because I'm out of energy -- the cold is hitting and I'm back to bed.

I'm certain I've missed stuff -- and uncertain about how much I got comes down to my body's (lack of) functioning. So really hoping this is just the start of a discussion :)
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