October 16th, 2010


3 things...

...to say I'm still alive, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

1) A scholarly exhibit/explanation of Late Antiquity magical material, useful for writers who don't wanna do it Rong and also just cool. Sent to me by elsmi; he says it with awesome web links, wot I like better than flowers.

2) It's the last day of Dasahara (lit. 10 days), more commonly Navaratri (nine nights) where I'm from. Traditionally, every house displays a collection of golu (dolls/idols) on a stepped altar, and the people who can go from house to house in the neighborhood singing (ideally Goddess songs, but really anything in my experience) to the golu displays.

When my dad was a kid, his not-much-older aunt Leela did this, but she only had one Goddess song she was really confident with. So at the 3rd (or 4th or 5th) house, little-kid my dad pipes up, loudly, with "Oh Leela not this one again!"
To her teenage embarrassment and (of course) the family's lasting amusement. My father turned 68 this year, and Leela Chitti passed away... gods, it must have been 30 years ago, but Navaratri is forever associated with this story to me.

If I were well enough to sing, today, I'd pick that song.

3) lutin points out to me that Tamilian rhymes with Chameleon. She's dared me to use that in a poem. I am not sure I'm up for it, but it clearly needs to be a limerick.