October 17th, 2010


3 things

still sick, possibly worse, worried that cough is settling in lungs again, but... here.

1) I guess everyone knows that SF3, Wiscon's mother corporation, recommends Moon's GoH status be revoked. I am not keen on their second resolution to award free cookies to the troika, because it's yet more of the Must Save White People's Face Above All, but I was still happy to see the recommendation. However, given karnythia 's latest post, it seems that this is still an issue of much Faily discussion.

If Wiscon doesn't rescind Moon's GoH status, at this point, I am definitely not going next year. It may mean I will not go ever.

2) Awesome interview with rose_lemberg about Stone Telling. I particularly like, well, a lot of what Rose says, but I'll pick two lines:

To ask "what good is fantasy" is akin to asking "what good is human cognition?"

In general, "easy" is not an adjective that I feel should be applicable to Stone Telling poems.

3) Via fantasyecho , a really brain-expanding set of Sunday links. I want to highlight the first one, though, about the extent to which the happy-shiny US war propaganda is false.