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18 October 2010 @ 04:55 pm
In light of this post by nojojojo , I'm done too.

I cannot shake the feeling that the Troika's holding out for a Fauxpology from Moon that they can pass off as their excuse to keep her. I cannot overstate the extent of NO there; Moon's recent posts (and continued comment deletion), as well as her long history of anti-Muslim bigotry, say very clearly that she has not rethought a damn thing.

My position on this now is that if Elizabeth Moon:

1) Listens
2) Rethinks
3) Apologizes for real, in the space where she spewed bigotry
4) Works her ass off to counteract the harm she has done

then she might gain decent person status in time. And might even, with a 180 degree turnaround, be worthy of a GoH position at a real Feminist con in like 10 or 20 years*.

NOTHING makes her worthy of one now. Nothing.

I agree with nojojojo that all this has revealed a major flaw in Wiscon, one that says the people making decisions for Wiscon aren't actually Feminist in any sense that I care to be Feminist**. And if it's only one person on the Troika, as I keep hearing (as hearsay), then the other two should be overruling that person, or getting them to rethink, or they are failing too. There is no excuse.

I've realized since yesterday's post that Moon being disinvited now would not be sufficient; the fact that it's been a question this long is a real problem, and my own willingness to wait and see is also a real problem (of giving PrivilegeFail too many chances, too much benefit of the doubt).

So despite the wonderful people I'd see there and nowhere else, I definitely won't be going to Wiscon next year.

(I entirely respect the decision some friends are making, to go and work for change (and support the wonderful nisi_la), but I just can't.  I probably won't be going to Wiscon at all unless I hear of major changes, including the resignation of whoever's fighting to keep Moon on. I had enough of trying to change toxic spaces when I was in the SFPA; these spaces make me physically ill, and really I have enough of that without them.)

Changing topic slightly, Scalzi's post today gives me hope in the middle of major disillusionment.

* But I say that as an Ally Only in this matter (I know some people have gotten the impression I'm one of the people Moon took aim at, but that was miscommunication on my part; I'm collateral damage at worst) and I may well be wrong, and would really like to be called out if I am. I know I give too much benefit-of-doubt to privilege; that's a part of assimilation I'm still working on.

** ETA: Though, see laceblade's post here; plenty of people who are involved are made of win.  I'm not questioning that.
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