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22 October 2010 @ 03:34 pm
Thing the first: Yesterday I signed a copy of Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded! For one of the nicest people in the area :) Not saying who 'cause it's a surprise right now.

Also, this means I have seen the book in the wild, and can attest that it is a gorgeous gorgeous object of covet-worthiness.

Thing the second: Got to see mrissa and meet markgritter! And hang out with kirizal, voidmonster (and elsmi and buddhistmippo, of course). This one is an even more major squee :)

Thing the third:  The West Was Lost is an amazing-looking non-Anglocentric Steampunk Comic, and I wish there was more of it!

Thing the fourth: I would really like to know why SF3 revoked Ms. Moon's GOH invitation -- whether it was understanding/agreeing with objections on the part of people in charge, going with what the con's core membership believes is right despite personal reservations, something else E. Moon did behind the scenes, "caving to pressure", Other.

I'm frankly sort of bewildered at the unexplained decision, coming on top of a certain amount of confidence-shaking communication. If it is the first part of a good start, then maybe I'm wrong about Wiscon, maybe it is worth going and being part of a change. If that change could happen.
But with information to hand, I don't know.

Though! The number of bigots saying they never want to go again -- heh, that gives me hope for the con.

Thing the fifth: So my brain gave me... an alphabet book rhyme. wtf, brain.

(Oh and, no spoons for post-responding.)
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