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23 October 2010 @ 03:30 pm
via ithiliana -- I wanted to point at this wonderful post for anyone who's either a) still wondering what Moon said/did that was So bad (unlikely in this space, I know) or b) wondering how tf to explain it to people who Just Don't Get It.

Because! The link is a really good some-sociolinguistics deconstruction of Moon's original post.


On a related note, some of the (real) responses to Wiscon's decision to disinvite, as well as that mess with Mr. Asshat in the Apex blog*, have me wondering about things that are framed as "reasonable disagreement" in our discourse. Where we are told "Of course I agree with you, but why won't you have this discussion with the people who don't get it? They have points too."

cut for thinking out loudCollapse )

* The one who's against OMG PC QUOTAS letting wimmins and dark people into TOCs. I am not linking/increasing page hits or naming him, because he's pretty clearly begging for pageviews, but I will link to responses by Cat Valente,, Athena Andreadis, and Jim Hines.

still not up to comment-response.
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