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Note: Edited for clarity following upstart_crow 's entirely reasonable confusion :)

wc_roberts (which is a name used by the team of Willis Couvillier and Andy Miller) is doing a series of interviews of spec. poetry editors.

Rose Lemberg cries foul, for VERY good reasons.

Turns out this same Andy Miller, under the lj-name bearleyport , chose to subject Rose (and not Marge Simon or Trent Walters, we note) to a barrage of Othering, dehumanizing asshattery.

When called out on this, he went on display classic deraily-troll tactics.

This person has a history of trolling, and can also be found under the names Robert Porter and Jose Sludge. Which means, basically, that nothing by wc_roberts can be trusted.

ETA: Want to note that, asshat notwithstanding, Rose's responses in that interview are wonderful. And she has opened up asshat-free comment space in the ST community.
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25 October 2010 @ 07:17 pm
of the comments on the wc_roberts interview?

I knew I should have gotten them. I knew he'd delete comments. I'm an idiot for not doing screencaps.
Anyone more on the ball than me?

Comments undeleted. (ETA: And Screencaps gotten this time.)
25 October 2010 @ 08:04 pm
ETA the last I hope: WC apologized.

Since he's started screening/deleting my comments (at least) for real:

Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5
Shot 6
Shot 7
Shot 8 <--- This is the one where he's deleting-or-screening my comments.

Also, a comment (of his) that he deleted before I could get to it, from my email logs (in response to the comment of mine that he screened):

What I am saying is that the pair of us choose to work under our byline and not have it generally known that WCR is a collaborative byline. As I said in my apology to Rose, I don't watch this LJ much. I post the interviews, and pretty much it. In this case you are directly attacking me, when I have nothing to do with this other than being a part of a byline. I can have little respect for that, and I ask you how does this make you different than Andy in his indelicate post? You are operating from assumptions, and I woiuld ask, how would you react to that?

...Except of course that he's not asking, he's silencing.
Or trying to, very ineptly.

ETA: Also, isn't calling that barrage of dehumanizing questions "indelicate" rather like calling a falling anvil over your head "worrisome"?

ETA2: Newest posted-and-deleted comment! [which has been reposted in part (rather self-serving part) here]

Subject: Re: Apologies
After sleeping on it, I see a couple things here. First is the screening of things here. I consider Rose as a friend, and in my southern upbringing we try to help our friends. By screening this and taking it from public view I hoped to ease the hurt some, and to let the healing begin. By guilting me into undoing that, you seem to feel that keeping it open for all to see is a good thing - not thinking that all it will do is to keep fanning the pain. Please, really? Who is the friend here?

Next is the unprofessionalism. Again I come to the fact that in WCR I have attemped to make a good name for the byline. Andy has his problems, which is why I handle all the subs, and posts here. We do not care to outed; you and Mike have done this, and in doing it have attacked me as well as Andy, in my mind pulling an innocent down in your willful attack on the guilty. I do not care for the feeling of being collateral damage. As a responsible editor, taking it to this point is also unprofessional, to being petty.

I admit to being lax regarding a). My intentions for this LJ is to PROMOTE those magazines who actively support this emerging poetry field. I plan to screen all of these comments, to clean up this from here. I hoped to make WCR a good name in poetry, and if you bothered to read around, you'd see that under the WCR name I have done this. I am with Andy because, despite his horrible ability to antagonize nearly everyone and their uncle, he is a decent wordsmith, and together our very opposite viewpoints create decent poety reads, in great part to my filtering. Now, I will also screen this, and go see what other damage your crusade has done to me. I couldn't care less about your attack on Andy - he is a grown man and can take his own lumps. I do care if you lump me into it, however, otherwise I wouldn't have atremped to explain myself, and to point out how your actions feel to me.
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