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26 October 2010 @ 02:24 pm
here. He does seem to get it.

I at least am willing to call that an end to the matter, though not of course the matter of bearleyport being beyond the pale.
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I sold a storylet! And a poem that might be longer than the storylet! Both after initial requests for serious revision, (wot I did, of course, though in the end the story ended up changed only subtly).

1) Kohl-lined, one of the weirder things I've done, to Three-Lobed Burning Eye. It's... SF, I guess! Slipstream maybe. And like... 450 words long, which made the worldbuilding a trick!

2) Palettes, one of the harder & more personal things I've done, to Stone Telling. This one's... only borderline spec, and it's 66 (!!) lines long.

Many thanks to emily_jiang and Morgan Dempsey for help with the story edits, and to kirizal for help with the poem edits :) It would be lying to say either of these was easy to write or edit, but you all made it less daunting and more possible.

Also! helivoy has a beautiful piece up on the Apex blog. To call it a mere response to a previous bit of asshattery on the Apex blog would be to seriously diminish the piece. I think it's an important statement about what we are about and why this matters, and it's done via utterly gorgeous & vivid imagery.
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