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02 November 2010 @ 12:08 pm
Managing middling-low spoons today, so trying not to get caught up in lj; but wanted to note that:

0) Starting on a serious note: if you're a US citizen, please vote. And please remember that the Republicans are only helping the very-privileged.

1) Apex's Arab/Muslim issue is out and it looks fantastic! Who can resist stories by tithenai and saladinahmed?

2) catvalente's The Habitation of the Blessed is out!

3) (reminder) The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund eReader Drawing is happening now! So you can donate to the OEB scholarship and possibly get an ereader! With stories on it!

4) (reminder) Steam Powered is available for pre-order and goodies!

5) Ending on a serious note: rose_lemberg posted yesterday about the who's editing pro-level fantasy zines. Basically, noting that with RoF dying and FM's changes and Susan stepping down as editor-in-chief of SH [ETA abigail_n has pointed out that this does not mean what I think it means, and the fiction-editing trio remains unchanged], suddenly catvalente is the only woman left in charge of a major fantasy zine.

Now Cat is of course made of win, so yay Apex; and I'm not worried about SH, since folks there are a) awesome and b) get it (excepting certain reviewers, ahem). But. Overall, even awesome-ally men are simply going to find some stories inaccessible and not realize how important they are. Which doesn't necessarily limit the number of women writers who can find homes in these places, but I think it limits the sorts of stories we can necessarily send there.

Discussion on rose's lj is so far addressing intersectionality, and I haven't the spoons to, so yay that discussion.

...Okay, that's me for today. Comments closed for spoon-lack and discussion best happening elsewhere anyway.
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