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10 November 2010 @ 06:42 pm
1) I got my contributor copy of Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, and somehow it's even more squee-inducing than the copies in the bookstore!


2) I also got my contributor's copy of Science Fiction Studies volume 37 part 3, which has a special section on Octavia E. Butler; my part of this is a tiny personal-response essay on Bloodchild & how it helped me unlearn bad lessons, in the section titled "Reflections on Octavia E. Butler".

Given how small my bit is, I should probably not care that they spelled my name "Sweta". *sigh*
...I am sure the rest will be far more squeeful.

3) Belatedly heard about dA's enforcement of the supposed gender binary, their transphobia, privileged-ignorance, and general mansplaining UGH when transfinite called them on it (Discussed in detail here).

Given the WTFery, I am trying to leave dA*. Have hidden (can't delete O.o) all images & personal info on dA and moved to Artician, not because they're the best alternative re: not enforcing normative gender categories (Paper Demon and Storm Artists seem to be better, since they let one specify, while Artician has more limited "other" and "not telling" options) but because they let one simply import one's dA gallery, and frankly I haven't the spoons to deal without that option. So I'm settling for "best I can manage" at this point.

4) I am now doing twooo semi-seekrit art projects! #2 has a real deadline so will probably trump #1 for a bit now.


*I can not figure out how to actually-delete the dA account, though. Technofail. Help?
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