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12 November 2010 @ 07:19 pm
This is mostly so I can keep track m'self, but it's unlocked so that a) people know why I'm such a flakey non-responder these days and b) invisible illness is a little less invisible.

I don't think I have it too bad, as chronic illness sufferers go, but as of now my health situation includes:

Hopefully non-permanent issues:

1) Ongoing cough -- since July? August? Ranges from annoying to debilitating, depending on allergies, medication, level of physical activity/talking out loud. Next doctor visit on Tuesday.
2) Ongoing fatigue/scatterbrainedness/memory fail -- There has GOT to be something to do for this, it's getting ridiculous.
3) Seasonal temperature drops and associated headfuzz/mood change/memory loss/crying jags (which feed into the asthma problems).

Long-term stuff, diagnosed:

A) Asthma -- of course. Currently in the moderate-bad range, which for me means rescue inhalor once or twice a week rather than once or twice a month. Can hear the wheeze most days, and feel the ow most breaths.
Not able to remember what it's like not to be this way atm.
B) Respiratory allergies -- acting up just now. I'm sneezy, and perfumes & scented air fresheners actively hurt my nasal tissues & dissolve my thought processes.
C) Hayfever, eczema, the mess of stuff I think of as asthma side-effects -- not quite acting up, but on danger level orange because of this damn cough. Or vice versa.
D) Tendonitis -- Badly exacerbated by the coughing. To the point of major shoulder pain when I cough. Probably need to Do Something about this too; what stretching I can manage just isn't enough.
E) Soy intolerance -- no biggie by itself but I need to be doing more with lentils cause, argh, protein.
F) Insomnia -- *shrug* It is what it is. Not drinking black tea at night... helps, except when it doesn't (when the insomnia is caused by not breathing).
G) Susceptibility to illnesses (esp. respiratory ones) -- is what it is *sigh* unless I wander around in a plastic bubble. I really wish using hand sanitizers after shaking hands/hugging/opening doors was accepted polite behavior. If people did that I would be so much healthier. (ALSO WHY SCENTED HAND SANITIZERS? ESP. IN THE ALLERGY CLINIC? GAH!)

Long-term stuff, undiagnosed/uncertain/monitoring:

i) Glaucoma-maybe -- monitoring this. (ETA: There's damage, but given my youth (in that context!) it might be non-degenerative). I like the doctor & don't feel too stressed about it now. What happens happens.
ii) Hearing loss -- should get this checked out.
iii) Sinusitis(?) -- should get this checked out, given that nothing but sudafed seems to stop my ears from complaining.
-- and the possibly-related ear-eye-jaw pain.
iv) chronic brochitis? -- er well, the chronic... inflammation... in bronchial tissues... sort of makes this term tautological, but I need to find out if something else is wrong. Cause this has just not been going away.
v) exhaustion, non-refreshing sleep, temperature drops, headfuzz, bursting into tears-- I suspect mild hypothyroidism; but current primary care doc had the nerve to tell me that the tests are within range so "great news, there's no problem!" Solution: find another primary care doc, one who actually listens. (Also apparently what's considered the "range" for thyroid foo is complicated and depends in part on professional politics? And to the people who admit that, I am not in normal range.)
-- (an)other possible thing to look at is poss. sleep apnea.
-- Very Unlikely possibility is mild depression -- thing is, hot water bottles do not cure depression. And they do fix what I have, there.
vi) undiagnosed respiratory allergies (including cats & mildew) -- odd timecourse on these; almost no effect for a few hours, then headfuzz, then slow lung worsening which the headfuzz stops me noticing. And aftereffects for about a week.
vii) Possible undiagnosed food allergies -- should really get checked on gluten, milk, and nightshades.
viii) (ETA) Sort of mini-migraine things (the added weakness/nausea/light & sound sensitivity subside to simple headaches within an hour or two). Triggered by fluorescent lights, and I don't know what else.

...So I think that's it. Might be adding to this as I remember other stuff.
Anyway, this is why I am bad at answering comments/replying to posts, and don't necessarily post everything I'd like to, and why I haven't made any diss progress since July or August or written very much fiction this year.

(ETA Nov 17 -- seems-good doctor gave me a list of possible causes for the bronchitis. Most likely culprit seems to be sinus issues irritating throat/lungs, so we're working on those now; if cough isn't gone in a month we're reconsidering.)
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