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19 November 2010 @ 06:34 pm
We had a lovely day with kirizal  and voidmonster  yes'day, but I want to note one negative aspect for it just so the data's out there:

At dinner, I got stares and dirty looks from a number of the other patrons.  I believe it was because I was wearing a WarmThing on my head, and it may have looked like hijab to the incredibly ignorant and xenophobic.  (I was also wearing a kurti, which surely did not help.)

I am not feeling personally upset or threatened; I just think it's worth noting.  But that is my privilege; I can shrug it off; many Muslim women cannot, given the actual violence towards people in their communities.  Also?  Let's add this to the pile of "forebearance" E. Moon talked about, since bigotry does not end with a rescinded GOH invitation. 

(And, since it went by on my flist a few weeks ago -- for the well-meaning clueless, a clue: this atmosphere of Extreme and Often Hostile Attention to Otherness is one reason "your hijab is so pretty!" and other such comments are potentially  upsetting/creepy from strangers.)


I may not be responding to lj comments for a bit.  I've been distracted by triggery stuff much of today, and the Mystery Picture isn't going to draw itself!  So it are drawing time now.
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