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21 November 2010 @ 05:34 pm
If I say your comment is faily and it's not worth my spoons to pick that apart for your benefit? It's not, for whatever reason, worth my spoons.

This does not actually mean "I didn't read your full comment" or "I am not taking a gentle enough tone with you"; and it is not, in fact, "I have no reading comprehension and that's why I fail to recognize your Genius". It is, actually, really, You're being faily, and ought to think about what you're managing to communicate, but making you think about it is not worth my spoons so I am stopping at the heads-up.

And in fact, you have the privilege to ignore me & refuse to think about this, or to assume I have poor reading comprehension or am a hyperreactive WOC, or to tell yourself you'd have listened if only I'd said it more nicely. You can do all those things. Indeed! I cannot stop you! But don't expect me to agree that that's reasonable.

Because it's not.

It's amazing how many people of privilege do not get this simple point. They seem to think they are Always Worth Talking To, and if I'm not engaging in detail I Must Not Really Understand.

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21 November 2010 @ 06:15 pm
about what the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship means to me, while you could still get tickets.

But it's ending tomorrow, and I haven't had word brain at all.

So here's the short form: it meant everything.

I don't mean Yay Clarion Yay alone here. Yes I deeply value my Clarion a-ha moments, but realistically speaking, I might have been willing to take out a loan for Clarion.

It was having that trust while I was there, and after. And needing to live up to it.

That gave me both the cluebat that I should stand for things I care about, and the confidence to do so when it scared the shit out of me. (You've seen what I had to say about assimilation, right? The scholarship, and Butler's writing, both helped me become someone other than the sit down and shut up outsider.)

If you have ever liked any story, poem, thought, or argument that I have posted here, ever, thank the Butler Scholarship, because that is where I started.

And do please consider donating, as a pay-forward.

Because, you guys, the POC at the last few Clarions have knocked my socks off, and the Butler scholarship helps some of us become people who'll knock your socks off.

And that is the last I have to say about this e-reader thing -- unless I win something. *GRINS*
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