November 24th, 2010


So, yeah.

TSH number's over 4 as of the latest test.
What this means is that I am probably hypothyroid now even according to Dr. "Numbers vary! The fact that your numbers are varying straight upwards doesn't mean anything! And your being a tiny bit below the magical medical threshold is great news, cause it means you're fine!" -- not that this will get me to go back to her. Doctor who listens to patients, here I come.

What it also means is that I can stop second-guessing myself and telling myself I'm making things up and being lazy Any Time Now. And certain well-meaning people (not here) can stop telling me not to worry I'm far too young for that.

What it also might mean is that I could get better now, with treatment. I might be able to focus on that damn diss. And I might be able to read again you guys I mean, more than a novel or a couple short stories every few months; I've been deprived these last three years.
...I am trying not to cry in public at the possibility of being able to read again.


In totally unrelated news, the universe is powered by two great springs; when one winds down, the other winds up. Cataclysmic changes in Cosmic Ages occur when they get too out of balance, with one wound too tight and the other unable to balance it.

Now some humans anthropomorphize these cosmic springs, as they do everything, and call them Siva and Parvati, while others claim that the universe runs on just the one spring (which is silly, because, whoever would wind it back up?)

The gearwork these springs run is all around us, too tiny or too huge to see, but though we cannot see it we have evidence of its ticking. Just look at the patterns of its movement jewels, which we call planets, stars, and other demigods.

( rysmiel, thanks for noting how Steampunk seems to run on perpetual motion machines HERE I MADE YOU ONE. *grins*
...and lnhammer, GEARS!)

Also, discussions of Privilege Denying Dude are awesome :)

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