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04 December 2010 @ 12:56 pm
So you guys, you guys, I have STUFF!

1) My flash fic Kohl-lined is being reprinted in the Three-lobed Burning Eye Annual vol V, the print anthology of issues #16-20! So you know what to do if you want it in print, right? :)
Editor Andrew Fuller sez: "Place your order by 12/25/10, as our limited edition print run is based on these orders."

2) My poem Flourless Devil's Food is in Apex Magazine issue 19, up for sale now! Free online version pending. And WOW, look who I'm sharing that TOC with!

First there's Nick Wolven, my Clarion Classmate of the Awesome Creepy Stories (er, really one of my Clarion classmates of the awesome creepy stories; there was no shortage of those). I'd link to his blog but it seems to be defunct, so lemme just say that I'm not the only person who knows he's awesome -- he's been reprinted in at least one year's best, and had a story in Asimov's that got the cover art (my brain is blanking on the term for this). And did I mention we were classmates? :D

So! Sharing a TOC with Nick, alone, would make my day. But THAT'S NOT ALL. Nick's followed by csecooney! And she promises that her story is EVIL. Not in quite those words, but yay!

AND THEN YOU GUYS Claire's followed by erzebet! So -- every single story in here is by someone awesome who is also a friend of mine!

...Unfortunately my poetry TOC-mate is wc_roberts, the duo whose one member was an (attempted) anonymous racefaily troll in their joint interview of rose_lemberg, and whose other member, while eventually seeming to get it, doesn't seem to get how appalling it is that they're continuing to join ranks with the troll.

But I think the joint Win of Nick, Claire and Erzebet blows that out of the water :)


...I probably won't reply to stuff here or (any more) in previous posts today, as I am heading into hypothyroid crash zone again and writing that much has wrung me dry. So that is the reason for silence if silence happens.
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04 December 2010 @ 07:58 pm
I've spent a lot of time thinking about deepad's post here. (Read that or skip this, I guess? It makes no sense in isolation.)

I see how what I said & the way I said it was hurtful (and generally problematic in addition to the hurt); I framed my own personal reaction in language that elided the "personal reaction" aspect, and that's not okay. I screwed up, and am sorry for having done so.

Another thing I did wrong was assume that, since we were talking about milk and not something particularly culture-specific, that it couldn't be read in a way analogous to "this culture's food is icky". And that sort of inability to predict Othering responses is a general failing of mine. I recognize it, and am hoping to get better at doing so.

But I'm left with the feeling, from Deepa's post, that it's not okay to talk about this sort of thing in any way in public; that we should only ever talk about culture-specific aspects of personal trauma in private because those same cultures are otherwise sneered at by the privileged, and the negativity merges with that even if it comes from a different place. And... I'm really uncomfortable with that. Because afaict it's saying that people who have been oppressed (in some ways) by a minority culture should be silent (about some effects) because the majority culture is in turn oppressing the minority culture. And ... yeah, it's complicated & there's no simple right decision, because there's harm done either way; but I come down on the side of (careful) speech.

Which isn't to say I'm justifying myself; I framed what I said in an uber problematic way. Fake-objective phrasing is inherently problematic, and all the more so when it's in a complicated multi-oppression situation like this one. And I agree that polite-silence is a good thing in cases where it's just a "tastes differ" scenario. Or even a case of physical lack of tolerance (and I do seem to have minor lactose-intolerance when the asthma's worse). And! I see why the venting kalichan and I did would have been best done in private, because it was only tangentially related to the hurt it came from.

But... I think sometimes we need to talk in public about the bad associations that underlying problems leave in us, because they are symptoms of those problems, and because they are so often silenced on grounds of impoliteness. And because, well, they affect us, and affect our lives. I think the issue is finding ways to do so that aren't hurtful to people, especially people whose problems may overlap with ours more than their symptoms do.

So... just thinking about having to deal with a response thread is so daunting that I kinda want to delete the whole post. But I don't want to seem like I'm ignoring Deepa's entirely valid problem with what I said, & don't think lack of spoons justifies doing so. So I'm not allowing comments to this one.

However -- if I'm misreading here, or screwing up in my understanding, then I'd like to know. And I know it's entirely possible 'cause my brain is made of mashed potatoes atm. So... PM or email at shweta [at] shwetanarayan [dot] org if I screwed up again?
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