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09 December 2010 @ 07:28 pm
I've been meaning to signal boost about Clarion 2011 and just haven't had spoons.

So rather than leave it till far too late, just a heads-up this year.  I have posted plenty about why clarion was important for me, and so it's not a tragedy if I cannot manage it again just now.

Here goes: Reading period: open.  Clarion: awesome for the people it's awesome for.  Me: one of those people.  Someone reading this: maybe one of those people?

If 6 weeks in close proximity to 15-18 other writers sounds like a horror story, it's probably not for you.  And 6 weeks off work simply isn't possible for a lot of people, I know.  But if it sounds like it could be a) feasible and b) awesome, now's the time to apply :)
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