December 12th, 2010



So you guys, here's a good reason not to take OTC thyroid medication.

I have lots of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  But it turns out I also have very low cortisol levels, which suggests adrenal or pituitary problems that may be making the thyroid hormones less effective (or I may just have multiple failing glands).

And as far as I currently understand,  thyroid medication can make the other stuff worse.  And lower cortisol levels than I have (morning cortisol of 0.3, when normal is 6+) could be fatal.

So, I know dealing with the medical establishment can be immensely frustrating.  And I know this wet-rag feeling is AWFUL and one just wants to Do Something about it.  Just, y'know.  Be aware that Doing Something without full knowledge can kill you, okay?

happy birthday!

Happy birthday tithenai , seajules , and mariadeira !
And happy belated birthday csecooney  and beth_bernobich !

Goodness you guys are a birthday-cluster of sheer awesomeness!  :)

...though I have no poetry for any of you this year.  Was hoping to have a picture bit at least but I ran into a wall in my head and it's not done :(

So consider this a birthday IOU; the next bit I post will be specially for you guys.