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Stone Telling is open for subs, and has been for a bit! My bad for not signal boosting earlier. But! I finally have the spoons to go read all the slush, so please do send some more lovely stuff along to poetry at stonetelling dot com.

The reading period for issue 8 (which is unthemed, so send us anything ST-y!) goes till June 10th. But don't wait till then! We make some of our decisions earlier, and they affect later ones since we want to have poems that play well together :)
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ETA: It's been fixed! Yay! But not before tithenai and I decided it was an in-world French plot to destabilize our fictional nations! :D


So there's a PW review of the Mammoth Book of Steampunk! And it's starred, and very positive, and mentions my story, so awesome!

Except for one thing.  The reviewer seems to think that (Mughal) India is in the Middle East:
...Shweta Narayan and Amal El-Mohtar’s stories take place in fantastic versions of the Middle East.



They're not the first reviewer to say this about my Mughal-setting stories, either.  So, just to set the record straight, guys: Islam existed, and continues to exist, in places other than the Middle East.

This has been a PSA.