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I dunno, "Mammoth" seems like a great name

for an anthology of "classic" SF by an all-white all-male cast. Only the word doesn't mean "big" so much as "badly adapted to the current climate and thus extinct, though possibly preserved in ice and unaware of its own extinction".

(Still not here, but man, that needed commenting on or something because I think it's still Intl. blog against boggling levels of stupid week.)

ETA: If you read down that thread, you can see author Paul di Filippo argue that a) any inclusion of women or minorities is census-based quota matching, b) the field contains only potatoes so why would you expect to find corn in it, and c) anyone who argues against the TOC has a vested interest in the matter. Unlike, y'know, him, cause he's only in the TOC. There's more, but I could no longer deal with the stupid. His last post in thread (which is quite something to see in itself) encourages people to carry on the conversation with him by email, though.

And I encourage people to do so too.
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