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ICFA scholarship for POC

Probably everyone on my f-list knows this but -- supergee and family are offering to fund a scholarship for a POC to attend ICFA, given that (to quote incompletely) this year the conference's theme is Race and the Fantastic, with GoHs Nalo Hopkinson, Laurence Yep, and Takayuki Tatsumi.

Criteria: The only qualifications are that you have an interest in race and fantastic literature including science-fiction and/or horror, identify and are known as someone who is not white, will be 21 or over in March, want to actively participate in conference activities/discussions, and cannot get money from a university to help you attend. You can be at a university with poor funding, be a grad or undergrad student or someone else who does not qualify for funding, or not be affiliated with a university. We will decide on our own criteria, including (but far from limited to) any writing you have done that we have seen and if we already know you personally; the decision is not subject to debate.

I've love to apply for this, but evidence to date says my health will not be up to ICFA. Which is a bummer. But! Signal boosting. Cause hopefully someone awesome will get to go because of this, and I will get to read con reports *grins*
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