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Ob nebula eligibility post

tithenai is an instigator*! Here are my nebula-eligible short stories, though as turnabout -- I'm mostly making this post to say, people, go nominate her SH story, And Their Lips Rang with the Sun, which I would be nominating if I'd bothered to join SFWA :)

...Ahem. Okay, here are my short stories published between July 1, 2008, and December 31st, 2009:

Nira and I, in Strange Horizons, March 2009

One for Sorrow, in Shimmer issue 10, March 2009
ETA: All of issue 10 is still available for free download, HERE

Daya and Dharma in GUD issue 4, Spring 2009. (It only costs a dollar 33 to buy the pdf, but if you want to read it for free, post here? kaolinfire mentioned maybe putting it up as an issue 4 teaser, and might do so if you ask nicely) (also available for free, now)

Charms, in Strange Horizons, August 2009

The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, almost out! in Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle issue (which will independently be awesome).

* I wasn't gonna. Not because of impostor syndrome; lack the energy to fret. Rather, because I am physically better after WFC but cognitively not so much -- and as is always the case after asthma episodes, some things are disproportionately difficult to do. Figuring out how eligibility's determined was one of them, so I got to put this off. But Amal made it easy. Grr. Wicked Amal.
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