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Open letter to the SFPA: why I do not wish to be a member

For context: I emailed something nearly identical to this to samhenderson. I am reposting here, with one added link, one grammar fix, and one word-change. Other links are being deliberately omitted.

With luck, this is the last post I'll ever make about the SFPA.

ETA: context links --
Stephen Wilson hitting sexual harassment bingo: This post.

The whole SFPAfail saga, as witnessed by me: my SFPA tag seems to cover it. To that end, I am hereby unlocking posts with that tag which I previously had f-locked.


Dear Sam,

I didn't really mean to rejoin the SFPA this year, not after everything that happened last year. It was an auto-join, and at the time I thought "Oh well, I'll stay in long enough to vote in the Rhyslings".

Seeing Steven M. Wilson's name in the current issue of Ideomancer, however, has brought back forcefully that nothing has been done by this organization about someone who sexually harassed another member in a public forum, whose harassment has been since minimized and written off as "a joke" and "not that bad" and"oversensitivity" other bingo-card excuses of rape culture.

It has reminded me that, thanks to the SFPA's inaction, Stephen M. Wilson has gotten away with said harassment, while his victim has suffered a great deal, and none of you seem to care. I am sad to have such tension with some people I would like to count as friends, but the fact is that you are doing something I find deeply, harmfully, and unforgivably wrong.

Not even the Rhyslings are worth my implicit support of something I find so entirely abhorrent and despicable.

Shweta Narayan
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